Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Taoism and its roots

Taoism can show us the history of China because china used Taoism in their government. The rulers of china would be used to keep order in china and can mean "way and its power." In china people would also teach about Taoism and how to go with the flow. When these people would teach Taoism they would teach about morality and a set of rules. There were not many taoists in the past only a Taoist priest. People now are trying to put Taoism in their church and call it a Christianity belief. The belief of Taoism brought china together as a whole.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hindu in Congress

In 2012 an American Hindu ran to be on congress. She was elected to be on ingress and because o that she was the first Hindu to be on congress. Why is there only one Hindu on congress because their population is growing very big? There is only one Hindu on congress because much of the Hindu religion disagrees with the American government. Tulsi Gabbard is different because she converted to Hinduism. The reason that Tulsi is on congress is because sh also grew up in America on Hawaii so she could agree with many other government ideas. Tulsi can also speak for the Hindu population which canoe good because the population keeps getting bigger.

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Holocaust and The Book of Job

The similarities between the article for survivors of the holocaust and Job from The Book of Job can be endless, But the biggest similarity between the two stories and articles are that people lost their faith in God. During both readings it was saying how people had lost their faith in God and being tortured so God can test them. I the article about the survivors of the holocaust it is saying how this man was thinking why is God doing this to us, why does God have to test us by tourturing people. People start to think if God had actually picked the Jews to be his favorite type of person because God is letting people tourture the Jews. In The book of Job God is seeing if Job would not be as great fun to God if he doesn't have all of the things that make him happy. In the article about the holocaust survivors it is saying if God is just testing the Jews to see if they still fear him.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Old Testiment and The Book of Job

The similarities and differences between the book of Job and the Old Testament can be endless. One of the main similarities of the two stories is that everyone fears God all the time. God is constantly testing people. But isn't God all knowing? Maybe, maybe not. If God was all knowing than why would he constantly be testing people? Why did God create humans in his image? God keeps testing people to prove their loyalty to him. God does that in The Old Testiment and The book of Job. In the Book of Job God is testing Job because he wants to prove to satan that Job will still be worshipping God even if he doesn't have all of th things that make him happy. In the Old Testiment God is testing everyone because he wants to know that everyone fears God and will worship him. Some other differences about the stories is that in The Book of Job God is torturing Job by taking away all of his loved items and in The Old Testiment God is punishing the humans because they did something wrong.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Uganda Sacrafice

In the country of Uganda a horrific thing happens to the kids that live there. All of the children of Uganda are in Danger from one man. His name is Awali. The reason that this man is putting the life of children in danger is because this man sacrifices children so the family of that child will become wealthy. Sounds like a good deal? No I don't think so. This article has frightened me because most of these children don't get to live a full life and there is always that lucky child that haven't been killed fully, but I don't find that lucky because than the child would have to live with a disability the rest of their life. This ritual in Uganda is horrific because the parents to the child that is sacrificed would never be able to see the child ever again. The parents that Sacrafice their children are basically signing a contract to never see their child ever.

Friday, September 30, 2016

High School Experience

So far in high school I have had a very good experience as a freshman. There is a whole lot more freedom in the high school than in the middle school. The bad thing is that I don't get to see all of my friends because we don't have the same lunch period this year. Probably my favorite teacher this year is Mr. Reiff. He is my favorite because he is so funny in class. The worst thing in high school is probably that I have no classes with my closest friends. What I really like about high school is that we get to use our iPads in class so taking notes is much easier, some people us their iPads to play games but I only use it for work. At first when I came to the high school I was so nervous because I was thinking to myself OMG how am I supposed to ind all my classes around the school, but I felt that way about the middle school and now the middle school and the high school feel very small because I know how to get around. What I also like about the high school is that there are so many more clubs than the middle school so now I understand why my brother gets home so late. Maybe I should come home late like him.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Flood myths

The story of the Mesopotamian flood story is very similar to the flood story of Gilgamesh and Noah's ark like every other flood story. This story is saying how this person is chosen by the gods to build an ark and the gods will kill everyone else. These stories are different because instead of building a long ark the man Atra-hasism was chosen by the gods to build a round ark which is more believable because the dimensions of Noah's ark would not have survived the flood because the ark would've twisted and split in half during the flood. In the Mesopotamian version of the flood the ark has more of a dynamic shape and wouldn't have twisted during the flood because it is round. I have read an article about this and it was kind of interestiong but I don't really like to read this sort of article because I find non - fiction boring because nothing suspenseful can happen because it is regular day life.